Where to send your speaking, media, research or general requests:

  • For general request on privacy topics and alike, please contact my noyb colleagues on noyb.eu.
  • For speaking requests  (conferences, meetings, internal trainings, key notes, etc) please note that we receive a lot of requests. Ideally you can specify the details of the event (topic, date, time, audience, format, etc) and contact my noyb colleagues via the noyb contact page.
  • For media requests, please contact my noyb colleagues on the noyb contact page.
  • While we welcome great research on topics like privacy and data protection, please understand that due to limited capacity and the high number of requests we cannot support you for you academic works (PhDs, assignments, academic interviews, etc).

email: mail (ät) mschrems.com

Note: Please only use PGP if it is necessary.
[I know this is not the concept, but (my) reality.]


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